Supervised by assist. prof. Krešimir Križanović


PhD  theses:

Graduate and undergraduate theses:


Arbanasić, A. Simulating Short Protein De-novo Sequencing by Mass Spectrometry Using Deep Learning (2021)

Oreč, M. Gap Filling in a Partially Assembled Genome Using Long Reads (2021)

Strejček, L. Storing Similar Sequences in Graph Format (2021)

Ranogajec, D. Application for Storing Bioinformatics Data Using PostgreSQL (2021)

Lipovac, M. Discovering Gene Variants From Variable Length Sequencing Reads (2021)

Grgurević, A. Simulating Short Protein de-novo Sequencing by Mass Spectrometry Using Probabilistic Models (2021)

Grbeljla, R. Detecting Gene Variants in a Population of Individuals Using Data from Low Error-Rate Sequencing (2021)

Briševac, Z. Application for Bioinformatic Analysis Using Outside Tools (2021)

Meter, J. Improving partially assembled genome using Hi-C reads statistical analysis (2021)

Frajlić, N. Discovering gene variants using clustering and dynamic programming algorithms (2020)

Vrlec, J. RNA sequencing data visualisation (2020)

Osredek, N. DNA sequencing data visualisation (2020)

Jurić, M. Genome scaffolding based on HERA algorithm (2020)



Klaić, M. Face detection on images, using deep learning models (2020)